Tax Audit Representation 

Problems do not disappear or simply resolve themselves. And, with financial matters and taxes the IRS and government agencies are unrelenting when it comes to pursuing resolutions. With Macek Professional Tax Services, LLC in your corner, you'll have the right representation to bring a viable solution and resolution to the problem. [Read More]

Tax Return Preparation

Macek Professional Tax Services, LLC should be your first stop for your tax preparation needs.  We offer a full range of tax preparation services, including individual tax returns, self employed individual returns, partnerships, corporations, and S corporations.
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Honest & Effective Solutions for Tax Issues

Tax Law & Tax Numbers
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Tax Audit Preparation Services

For those clients who would prefer to represent themselves before the IRS during an audit, we offer pre-audit and consultation services to prepare you for your meeting.  [Read More]

Tax Bookkeeping

We have found that many small business owners are so focused on running the business that bookeeping duties often fall to the wayside.  Let us go through your records and organize them for you.
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