Useful Links

IRS Publications for Individuals:

 Publication 17:  Your Federal Income Tax (For Individuals)

  IRS Publications for Small Business:

 Publication 334:  Tax Guide for Small Business

Publication 463:  Travel, Entertainment, Gift, and Car Expenses

Publication 505:  Tax Withholding and Estimated Taxes

Publication 535:  Business Expenses

Publication 583:  Starting a Business and Keeping Records

Publication 587:  Business Use of Your Home

Publication 911:  Direct Sellers (out of print but still relevant)

Publication 946:  How to Depreciate Property

Publication 1779:  Independent Contractor or Employee?

Publication 3402:  Taxation of Limited Liability Companies

  Partner Sites:

Internal Revenue Service

National Association of Enrolled Agents

National Association of Tax Professionals

Small Business Administration

Angie’s List

Other Helpful Links:

Video:   Schedule C--What You Need to Know

Video:  How to Prepare and Audit Proof Tax Return

Business Management Videos:  National Association for the Self Employed